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The ponchos are very important textiles, they have been playing diferent rules in the Peruvian & Andean culture, as identity pieces, social estatus, political status, especial events, weddings, fiestas, mourning, etc. Woven in two pieces with very intricate pattern sections, finished the edging with tubular weaving and fringes.

Accha Alta

Calca, Calca, Cusco
12,930 f.a.m.s.l.

Accha Alta is located approximately 2 hours northeast of the city of Cusco. At 12,930 feet (3,941 meters) above sea level, it is the highest community that the Center works with. Nested on a steep mountain slope close to the ruins of Ankasmarka, an ancient Incan granary. Here, the weavers look out over a stunning vista of the valley below from their weaving center. There are approximately 40 adult members of the Accha Alta weaving association and 30 children and adolescents.

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